to South Africa’s Oldest Guild

We’re a community dedicated to the fibre arts, and the process of transforming raw materials into beautiful, functional things. 

We believe that crafted, handmade items give enduring satisfaction to those who make them and those who use them. 




ExTex24 Is Here

Welcome to the return of ‘Exploring Textile Workshops’ at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, this Autumn 2024 - a celebration of slow, age-old arts taught by seasoned crafters.

April 26 - May 6, 2024

OVER 40 WORKSHOPS | R100 - R1900 | beginner to advanced

The Cape Guild of Weavers is proud to announce the return of this innovative and exciting event - a collection of workshops for adults and kids to revive enthusiasm for textile skills like weaving, knitting, felting, spinning, dyeing and much more.

The 10-day event offers multiple workshops, hosted by experienced fibre artists at the Richard Crowie Hall in Kirstenbosch.

We'll also have our pop-up shop back bursting with all manner of felt, yarn and stunning lifestyle products and wearables for purchase.

As well as daily demonstrations by our members on their colourful array of textile crafts and skills.

We look forward to sharing our love of fibre with you.

The thread of our rich heritage

Over hundreds of years, Cape Town has established itself as a shining beacon of trade, industry and craft at the southern tip of Africa. 

The Cape Guild of Weavers, South Africa’s oldest guild – founded on 24 June 1950, is dedicated to keeping a  small part of that rich culture alive. Our aim is to encourage and promote the enduring and very satisfying crafts of weaving, spinning, knitting, felting and dyeing through the enthusiastic participation of our members.


Our membership spans the Western Cape and beyond and includes hobbyists and professionals alike.

And in sharing a common interest, we break down communication barriers between generations, sexes and differing cultures.

Why join the guild?

You mean besides the cake, tea and camaraderie?

Workshops and classes

Each year, we plan and host a series of workshops on a variety of skills and craft techniques. These are run by our own members, as well as specially invited guest facilitators, and some sessions are open to the public. 

Access to our guild library

Over half a century, we’ve built up what’s quite possibly the most substantial local library of books, magazines and videos on the fibre arts, housed at the South African Centre for the Netherlands and Flanders – (SASNEV) in Pinelands.  As a member, you’ll gain access to this library, and can borrow books for up to a month at a time. 

 It’s open during our monthly meetings. We subscribe to overseas textile journals and receive news from other guilds in the country as well as from overseas.

Browse the digital catalogue of our library.

Journal club

The journal club is a circulation list of members who get their hands on our international magazine subscriptions first, before they’re added to the library. 

Biannual exhibitions

Every two years, we hold an exhibition to showcase the extraordinary work of our members, a prestigious event with high-quality crafts for show and for saleThere are demonstrations of weaving, spinning and other related crafts during these exhibitions. Keep an eye on our social media for more information. 



Curious to learn more?

We hold bi-annual public meetings for anyone to come and share in the joys of fibre arts. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook so you don’t miss those dates!

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Rosebank Methodist Church
2 Chapel Rd,
Cape Town 7700
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Guild Shop Hours

First Friday of the month from
12h00-15h00, by appointment
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 084 505 1449


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