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ExTex24 Is Here

Welcome to the return of ‘Exploring Textile Workshops’ at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, this Autumn 2024 - a celebration of slow, age-old arts taught by seasoned crafters.

April 26 - May 6, 2024

OVER 40 WORKSHOPS | R100 - R1900 | beginner to advanced

The Cape Guild of Weavers is proud to announce the return of this innovative and exciting event - a collection of workshops for adults and kids to revive enthusiasm for textile skills like weaving, knitting, felting, spinning, dyeing and much more.

The 10-day event offers multiple workshops, hosted by experienced fibre artists at the Richard Crowie Hall in Kirstenbosch.

We'll also have our pop-up shop back bursting with all manner of felt, yarn and stunning lifestyle products and wearables for purchase.

As well as daily demonstrations by our members on their colourful array of textile crafts and skills.

We look forward to sharing our love of fibre with you.

Monthly Guild



Saturday 18, March 2023, SASNEV
12:00 – 16:00

Members – Free

Join us for an afternoon of learning about the weird and wonderful world of synthetics and how these new age fibres could be better for our planet.

The aim is for each one of us to create a small tapestry on a frame using 100% synthetic materials. All details below.

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As crafters, many of us are quite particular about choosing natural fibers for our projects – for all sorts of good reasons. Natural fibers feel good, wear well, have ancient traditions, are biodegradable, sustainable, etc, etc. Yet, with recycling technology developing by leaps and bounds we are moving towards an era where (some) recycled synthetic materials will have a smaller carbon footprint than (some) natural materials.

In any case, we believe that stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something you normally wouldn’t, is refreshing and can give a new perspective on things. Hence, we are inviting you all to join us in exploring all sorts of weird and wonderful synthetics at our March Guild meeting.

The aim is for each one of us to create a small tapestry on a frame using 100% synthetic materials. The frame can be anything that you can put a warp on (an empty picture frame, an embroidery hoop, a forked twig or a piece of cardboard…) and warp and weft can be anything as long as it’s 100% synthetic: acrylic yarns, plastic bags, orange pocket nets, plastic cutlery, nylon stockings, dental floss – you name it. Technique and design we leave up to you – maybe you’ll let the project guide you as it emerges.

Bring your frame and your most fabulous synthetics and scissors plus blunt tapestry needles and forks for beating and let’s play and be creative together for the afternoon. We’ll start the meeting at 12:00 sharp. Friends and family members welcome!

PAST : Stone Wrapping Workshop

Saturday 18, Feb 2023, SASNEV
13:00 – 16:00

Members – Free
Non-members – R150

Hosted by Vina MacGillivray on behalf of the Cape Guild of Weavers.

Bring medium-sized stones/pebbles (avoid sharp edges), shells with holes, small sticks, buttons, washers, interesting items to use as embellishment, scissors, blunt-tipped needles with a fairly big eye, thin leather, strips of cane, twined raffia, waxed string, linen, yarn, or bring a beeswax candle to wax your yarn.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

PAST: Mobile Making – a portable craft

January 2022, SASNEV, FREE

Join us for an afternoon of learning.

We will have experts on hand demonstrating various crafts that are small format, portable and therefore easy to carry around with you.
There will be examples of some crafts showing the work in progress, the finished article and the tools needed.


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Among others, there will be double weave on an inkle, fringe twisting, crochet, tassels and Dorset button examples, cords,  kumihimo on a marudaispindle spinning and needle

If you are able to demonstrate any other craft that makes use of small, portable equipment (Lucet weaving, fringe twisting, lace making etc.) please bring those along and
demonstrate your skill ! There will be tools for sale for some of these crafts. Members please bring items you would like to sell if you have anything. Tools, equipment, yarn, as well as
finished items. If you know of anybody who would be interested in learning any of these crafts, please bring them along.

Past: Mark Rautenbach

March 2020, SASNEV, FREE

Using traditional craft techniques like knitting to make artwork.


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Artist Mark Rautenbach will be giving a talk on how he uses traditional craft techniques, specifically knitting, to make his artworks. Rautenbach comes from Pietermaritzburg where he grew up and studied. He has worked in thmovie industry, retail, has his own hand painted t-shirt and fabric company, lectured Design at tertiary level and taught Design and Visual art at High School level. He also taught Design and Art for a term with Deaf Children. He’s always made art and has had varying degrees of commercial success and critical acclaim. It’s only been the last few years that he’s been able to support himself solely from his art. His talk will end in an open discussion on the conversations between art and craft and asks the question, ‘when does an object or action become art?’ Learn more about Mark.

Past: Featherd – With Pascale Theron

July 2020, sasnev, FREE

Pascale Theron is a South African artist and designer living and working in The Netherlands. She focuses on ‘Feathered Fabrics,  a series of artistic textiles that are handwoven, using the ostrich feathers from Oudsthoorn (ZA) as thread.

Read more about Pascale

Pascale presented this project at the Design Indaba in March last year. For Dutch Design Week, Pascale
collaborated with other creatives and crafters from different fields and countries to bring some exciting new fashion items and interior furniture pieces; Lezanne Viviers from Viviers Studio in Johannesburg and a local weaver from Pretoria, Maddelein Anderson (a member of the Pretoria Weavers Guild), to create the woven panels that made up the first Feathered Fabrics garments. As well as that collaboration, Pascale worked with Indian wood-worker, Ashok Bhadra from Amsterdam (NL) to create a high-end textile furniture piece using the ‘Feathered Fabrics’. Both these results were shared last year at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Pascale will be sharing her creative process and vision with us all the way from her studio in the Netherlands on Saturday at our guild meeting. We are very excited to present this meeting and hope many of you will join us! Learn more about Pascale.

Past:  The magic of playing with food

October 2020, SASNEV, FREE

Fibre explorations in the kitchen from a knitter’s perspective with Nicola.

Read more about Nicola's talk

 In March 2020 the world as we knew it, stopped spinning.

The Great Pause that it heralded, lead us to new ways of seeing and new ways of being.

It was in this stopping, in the noticing and the connections that I saw through the virtual portal to the whole world that suddenly opened, that some of the ideas that I will share with you, were born. Others are just quirky questions like: can I knit in spaghetti? Rice vermicelli? Glass noodles?

Non-toxic materials, making do with what we have, being, exploring, creating, stepping more lightly on our earth in crisis and always asking “can I do this differently?”
My hope is that in sharing the magic, you may be inspired to start exploring in your own way, discover new connections or at least to see the materials in your kitchen in a new light.

Nicola is a fibre artist who works in finding ways of recording space and time, making sure that there is always a playful element to exploring the moment.
She works cross-media in knitting, spinning, felt-, paper- and book-making with a particular interest in surface design and working in natural and non-toxic materials, dyes and inks.

Pick up on our Social Threads

Past Event: Exploring Ancient Skills 2023

The Cape Guild of Weavers recently hosted a month-long Exploring Ancient Skills Workshop at Kirstenbosch to great public reception and success. (A weaver bird tells us it may be on the cards again in the future. Stay tuned on our social accounts to be in the know)

Traditional Xhosa Mat Weaving

The Cape Guild of Weavers are proud to have been able to invite traditional Xhosa weaving teachers from Handmade Trust to facilitate their own ancient skills workshops at our recent Exploring Ancient Skills workshops in Kirstenbosch.

Learning the ancient skill of spinning

Spinning has not only been a treasured skill in many societies, but it’s also a soothing hobby and as an added bonus, the spinning wheel is independent of electricity! These workshops and demonstrations were well received by adults and children alike

A Yarnie's Dream Pop-Up Shop

A rainbow of locally dyed yarns, as well as speciality weaving and fibre crafting equipment, was available to buy at our Pop-Up Shop in Kirstenbosch during our recent Exploring Ancient Skills Workshop.

The root of all things relaxing

What better place to unwind in-between workshop breaks than among the botanical bliss of Kirstenbosch? We were honoured to be able to host our Exploring Ancient Skills Workshops in this exquisite venue. We will definitely be back soon.

Highlights from our 2015 Fashion Show





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